• Benvenuto a Villa Ebner
  • Dal portico di casa al mare: non piu' di due minuti a piedi….
  • Potrai vivere immerso nel paesaggio naturale.
  • Svegliarti all’alba tra il profumo dei pini
  • Scendere in spiaggia tra il verde della macchia mediterranea
  • Tuffarti nelle acque cristalline di una piscina naturale scavata nella roccia

We had a very pleasant stay at Villa Ebner

 Once we arrived, we were fascinated, by the proximity to the beach and by the smell of all the pine trees around. The beach is one of the nicest around and even worth some snorkeling. Compared to where we normally live there is really little light pollution in the night, so we could even see the milky way! The house itself  was very nice and it is so beautiful to sit on the terrace and follow the sunset! 
After all we can highly recommend this place awe want to thank Frederick again for a great vacation we spent there! 

Elisa Fessler, Luxembourg