Living green at Villa Ebner

Living at Villa Ebner means first and foremost, living in the green of nature. The Residence is immersed in a context deliberately left in its natural state with the idea of creating a dimension in which man is more adaptable to the environment than vice versa. Only in this way, the intense blue of the sea, the rhythm of the waves, the scents of the Mediterranean bush, the breath of the wind and the incredibly starry nights become moments of everyday life, in a new experience, where the senses return to having that centrality too often forgotten. And here living in the green turns into living green.

The Residence was built over 50 years ago with an architectonic style which was already striking at the time due to the reduced environmental impact, as the result of a jointly use of the traditional Sardinian architecture and that typical of North American woodlands, from which the architect came from: an union that we decided to keep unchanged, although modifying the Residence in order to welcome tourists. This decision, besides keeping the marks of time, as one of our guests have underlined, has given to the Residence a particular old-style charm that perfectly suits the Residence’s location.

Each unit has its own reserved space easily identifiable thanks to fences and folding screens that guarantee the privacy of our guests. The three units have a common reference in the Sardinian oven, with relative BBQ, which is a common space available to all guests. Not infrequently this space represents the occasion to socialize with people sharing the same conception of vacation: experience nature in tranquility and with respect for the environment and others.

We would like to offer a calm and relaxing stay. Shouts and noise must be avoided, manly during 2.00-4.00 pm and after 11.00 pm.  For the same reason we kindly ask you not to listen to music that can be heard at a distance, and not to play football on the property.

We believe the environment needs a particular care. The Municipality of S.Anna Arresi requires door to door recyclable-waste collection. Please follows carefully the rules/calendar of this service as indicated in the instruction you will find in the houses. During July and August public water pipeline supply water only three day per week. So, four day per week water supply is granted by our tanks only (11.000 liters).  We recommend to avoid waste of water (short shower, etc.). For the same reason it is strictly forbidden to fill swimming pool for kids, to play with water, washing clothes (except underwear).If you are a smoker we kindly ask you to remove the cigarette ends smoked on the beach.

One last thing, no less important than the previous ones: loving nature means protecting it even with active behavior. When we go to the beach or during walks along the coast, we may find plastic residues on the ground, cigarette butts and other similar amenities brought from the sea or left by non-civilized people. For this reason it is our custom to carry a bag to collect and remove what is getting dirty the area. It would be great if, as far as possible, you could do the same, because living green is also an awareness of having contributed to preserving an area of the highest environmental value.

And in terms of environmental value, we inform you that the beach in front of the Residence, known as Spiaggia dei Francesi, can sometimes have deposits of what many improperly call "algae". Actually it is Mediterranean Posidonia, a marine plant indicating an unpolluted sea. The deposit on the beach is an absolutely natural phenomenon and is caused by the winds that blow from the south and southeast, and is removed by the mistral. The deposition and removal take place in unpredictable times, even relatively very fast. Since the beach is a public place, if its presence disturbs you we are sorry but we cannot do anything to avoid it, or to inform you in real time of the condition of the beach, as both things are beyond our prerogatives and our responsibilities.

We wish you a good holiday

Sandra and Frederick